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What is a cookie?

Cookies are small data files which are added to a user’s computer or other device (such as a mobile phone or ‘tablet’) when they visit most websites. The cookies that are used on this website help us create better experiences for visitors, to customise content and advertising, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic to the site.

We also share information about your use of our site with our trusted advertising and analytics partners. See our Privacy Policy for further details of how we use your data.


About this policy

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How cookies are used on our website

The following cookies are used on our website:

Cookie name/s How it works
TBC This cookie makes your enrolment basket functions work as intended. For example, it can remember the courses you put into your enrolment basket so – even if you leave the website – they will be there when you would like to enrol.
TBC This cookie is used to remember your desktop website viewing preference on a mobile device.
TBC This cookie is used to control the visibility of the cookie bar.


Third Party Cookies

We use third party cookies to help us understand how people use our website. You can view details of these third parties and their policies via the links below.

Google You can view the privacy policy of Google Analytics by visiting
You can find out how to reject Google Analytics cookies by visiting
Facebook You can view the Facebook privacy policy by visiting can read more about Facebook cookies by visiting
Bing You can view the Bing privacy and Cookie policies by visiting

By using this website and allowing cookies, you are agreeing to them being placed on your computer. Accepting these cookies will not harm your computer or other browsing device and they are not used to identify you personally. Instead they will simply remember your chosen preferences.


How to reject cookies

You can stop your computer receiving cookies by changing the settings of your internet browser. You can do this by using the ‘help’ section of your internet browser.

Unfortunately, if you disable cookies, a website may not give you the browsing experience as intended.


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